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1. Information relating to cookies
This section contains information relating to the cookie policy of the site
The cookie policy may be periodically updated, so it is advisable to consult this document every time you access the site, in order to be correctly informed on how and why cookies are used.

2. Data controller
Data Controller is  FABULAS s.r.l
P.IVA 02559630690, street Piana della Masseria SNC 66010 Fara Filiorum Petri (CH)
Mail Address:

3. What are cookies

Cookies are small strings of text used to store some information that may concern the user, his preferences or the Internet access device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and are mainly used to adapt the functioning of the site to the expectations of the user. user, offering a more personalized browsing experience and memorizing previously made choices.
A cookie is transmitted from the server to the user’s browser and can only be read by the server that carried out the transfer.
There are various types of cookies within our portal.

4. Technical Cookies
Technical cookies do not require the user’s prior consent. They are used to guarantee the correct functioning of the site in order to provide the User with an excellent user-friendly experience. Cookies therefore guarantee normal navigation of the Sites, also allowing the preferences expressed by the User to be saved and to optimize their navigation.

5. Third Party Cookies
A distinction is made between cookies sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting and third-party cookies sent to your computer from external sites and not from the one you are visiting.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free service that Google makes available for monitoring your website.
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6 Functional Cookies
These cookies allow the portal to remember the choices made by the user to optimize functionality. For example, functional cookies allow us to remember a user’s specific settings, such as country selection and, if set, permanent login status.

7. How can I control the installation and deactivation of cookies
It is possible to disable cookies by calling the button at the bottom left (except the necessary ones) or based on the browser used. Most browsers are programmed to accept cookies automatically, however the user can choose not to receive them by accessing the browser settings and disabling their use according to the following procedures
Microsoft Windows Explorer (Edge)
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

If your browser is not present you can read up on the information from the browser itself. Mail Address: