Along the Magno Sheep track

In order for you to understand my vineyards you should come in abruzzo, at the slopes of the majella national park. vine growing in my territory is a challenge full of risks and no mistake is allowed; it requires perseverance and effort; the mountain hardens handworking and refines patience.

In this unique and fascinating landscape, dominated by sea-view mountains , grazing area and woods, it finds its natural habitat marabelle, the magpie symbol of this wine.

My estate is close to the magno sheep track, a grass path 111 meters wide that connected L’Aquila to Foggia and since the middle of the 20th century was crossed by hundreds of thousands of sheeps and by many shepherds who were migrating in transhumance twice per year from the appenini mountains to the plains of Puglia.
With its 244 km, the magno sheep track was the longest, the largest and the most
important among the five sheep tracks (tratturi regi).

I am a Byodinamic Farmer and I live in Harmony with my Land

I have a deep respect for my land and for the uniqueness of the grape park in which i live.

The agricultural landscape is still the typical one from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when the oaks were cultivated for the production of acorns while the reeds were fundamental to protect vineyards, to dry the products of the vegetable garden, to create roofs for shade and dividing walls, and tamarisks were used to delimit cultivated fields. all around the vineyards they grow brooms and oaks on which hawks, turtle-doves and magpies nest and they drink every morning from the creek down the valley.

In order to preserve this environment, I chose to use only natural products prepared with herbs and cow manure. I believe that by respecting and increasing the biological diversity I contribute to the improvement of water, air and soil quality, and as a result, of my wine.

In a Rural Environment you learn to pay the right respect and give value to things
Nicolino Ciavalini
Founder, Owner